25 Things

1. I absolutely hate when people say “they could care less”…I always respond with, “so, are you saying you still care?”

2. I’m having issues trying to figure out if everything I believe in is even worth believing in. I mean, I believe I’m right.. I just don’t care to explain it to anyone…..

3. …Well, except for 12/21/20012.. I have no idea what I believe about that… I just hate when so many coincidences collide… HAS to mean something…To ignore “coincidence” is to deny logic…..

4. ….and to believe “coincidence” is a product of randomness or “luck” or “fate” is just not intelligent, in my opinion

5. People say, “everything happens for a reason”.. I say, “yes it does, you run on ice, you fall down.. it happened for a reason”..

6. I used to want my father to die, now I think its just cruel to him that he continues to live..

7. If I knew 10 years ago what I know today, I would definitely be good at wagering sporting events…..

8. Im currently asking myself why I am doing this…. Is someone really going to read or care about this?

9. Altruism is illogical and does not exist

10. Time is the punisher of man… Why hasn’t “time” ever been an evil super villian… It is the most relentless of all forces… Unless you prescribe to the notion that “time heals all wounds”, in that case… Why hasn’t “time” ever been a super hero?

11. I believe you can miss things you never had or knew because I still miss my mom……

12. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade…. I am thankful when wheat was given to someone, they made vodka!

13. Speaking of vodka and irony, did you know that Grey Goose vodka is made in cognac….Cognac, France…..

14… and Grey Goose is actually owned by Bacardi….true story…

15. A race has a starting line and a finish line…. With that in mind, I will never believe a race between a tortoise and hare ever ends with a tortoise victory..

16. The presence of anything having to do with a relationship will not be mentioned in this list… I don’t get them and I sure as hell can’t write about them…

17. …..with the exception of the one I have with my son…. I feel I have done and am doing what needs to be done in that regard… He will be prepared..

18. OBSERVATION: There is no causal relationship between hard work and profit… The hardest workers I know seem to have the least while the majority of people I know who don’t work, seem to have it well…. and trust me, they don’t work smarter….

19. “When a man comes to a time in his life” is a white flag phrase. I choose to ignore time…I’m making that bitch come to me…..

20. Has anyone ever “pushed an envelope” to illustrate they are going to be aggressive or outperform something. I guarantee if I was to walk up to someone and challenge them, literally pushing an envelope would not intimidate them..

21. Has anyone ever really, truly laughed at a “knock knock” joke?

22. If there was/is a God and he carried a cell phone, it would be an Iphone…

23. OBERVATION: We now have an African-American President and the Republican National Committee now has an African-American chairman. This is historical…. Having said that, there was and never will be a difference between Democrats and Republicans other than their playsheet….

24. …..Yes, this includes Obama… However, it is nice to actually feel like the person “running the country” is actually smarter than you….

25. How can a government ban smoking in places yet still heavily tax the sale of cigarettes to create revenue from something proven deadly to the point of it needing to be banned?