2007 – a year of many firsts

So, it’s hard to believe in 7 short days, the year 2007 will be over. For me it was a year with many firsts..a year with some really rough times…and a year of many laughs!!

Feb: marked my first ever witnessing of my colts becoming world champions!! also my first real promotion at a real job while at Delta

Apr – May: marked the first of many VIP excursions where I met some wonderful and not so wonderful people (KYRA – LOVE YOU!!)

June: my first encounter with the craziness that is MOJO..simply creating a profile

July: my first real birthday party thrown for myself!! also the first mojo outing and the first encounter with the guy i only knew before as “HUP, the really tall guy that runs Mojo”

Aug: my first POISON MOJO experience (it was here that i met many of my favorite mofos for the first time: Jer, Jamie, Stephanie, Zack Legend, JD, Chicken Limo…and the list goes on!!); wow! that was such a great time!! also the start of FOOTBALL SEASON!!

A summer full of memories…

Sept: my first concert on the circle…up close and personal for the first colts game of the year!! the beginning of my favorite day of the week: Mojo Night Football on Mondays.

Oct: my first ever halloween bus tour, that rocked my socks off, the best wild wednesday to date for halloween…and the unfortante first time ever being laid off..:(

Nov: my first really awesome girls night in esperience (would you rather?!?!…);my first ever witnessing of a giant turkey run through Kroger and Broad Ripple and my first ever experience as a half naked indian enjoying cornucopia!

Dec: my first experiences: of really bad interviews, some really great comedy, really bad sweaters, full schedule of partying, and the first real meaning of true friends…

2007 was full of many ups and downs…of drama…of smiles…of laughs…of tears…of friends…of family…of work…of play…of colts…of happiness…of sadness…but mostly of great times with great friends!

Thanks to all that have taken time to sit and listen to my issues, to take the time to get to know me, to help me through rough times, for sharing sooooo many great times, for all the laughter, and all the smiles, and all the times we still have to come!!

I am looking forward to an even more amazing 2008!!

Happy New Year to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love all of my friends…you all rock!!!!

and look forward to making more friends and more memories in the upcoming year!!