1rst Blog

My single most favorite thing about Indianapolis is its potential.

I’m one of those people that like to get in on ideas at ground level and watch them grow into realities. I feel that Indianapolis is one of the easiest cities to network in because of its size and rapid upward state of growth. There are a lot of ways I would like to see this city grow and be taken more seriously across the nation. The greatest importance for me is growth and development of education. I’ve made my career in college admissions for three years now and work primarily with IPS. I’m not from Indy originally so I was not aware of how poorly our schools were performing and that it had basically become the norm. No matter how many buildings sprout up, how many national events like Super Bowl we host, people who can and will really have an impact on this city’s growth will not migrate to Downtown Indy unless there are sufficient schools where they can enroll their children in close proximity to where they would be working. Most of the schools that are immediately surrounding our Downtown area have been under-performing for far too long and I believe it’s time for this to become our city’s biggest priority.

One of the other things I love so much about Indy is the hospitality. People are generally more friendly and open here, more so than other major cities I believe. It’s easy to talk to people and get your foot in the door because you will always know somebody that knows somebody. Since we are still growing, there is less competition as far as people, groups, artists, musicians, etc. who are looking to branch out and brand themselves. Which brings me back to potential.

Where do I see the most potential for Indy at this point? Definitely in our music and arts scene. There is such an amazing representation of genres and styles in our arts scene, and the best part of it all is more and more these diverse scenes are cross pollinating. Which means what? It means that Naptown people can get down with anyone and any sound! Being centrally located on the map just gives us so much more potential because we can draw crowds in from virtually all over the US.

But as much growth and potential that we currently have in our local music and arts scene, there is also the struggle of Naptown artists getting NATIONAL recognition. You can run into basically any live music fan in Indy and they would recognize artists from hip-hop, DJ, Jam, Rock, Electronic, Blues, etc. But you go outside of Indianapolis and basically nobody knows anything about Naptown artists. Obviously this is THEIR loss….but what can we do as a City to help change that!? I truly believe that if our artists can continue coming together, working together and communicating how they want to be branded as a NAPTOWN artist, then we can all start figuring out how to put the entire scene on NATIONAL radar, not just Naptown radar.

So…..with that being said…. let’s get started!!!