10 Random Facts for Jess!

Since I’m pretty random anyway…this may be a bit difficult!

1) My second toe is kinda freakishly longer than my third…and a tiny bit longer than my first…so it looks a bit odd!

2) when it comes to volume (on a tv or a radio) that has a numerical value…it HAS to be an even number or divisible by 5…i know…anal!

3)im even more anal when it comes to my food touching…ask my fellow perkins buddies…i separate it all and have my eggs on a different plate altogether!!

4)i am an apprentice junkie! i havent missed an episode since the first season aired!!

5) I have a major fear of snakes and spiders…thankfully peyton takes care of the spiders in my apartment…otherwise i would freak!

6) I am a pickle freak! could eat them until i turned into one!

7) i did high school drama and choir for 3 out of my 4 years…performed in all of our school musicals along side my brother.

8) My middle name has a silent letter in it…nIacole…silent i…pronounced…NA-cole (like knuckle)…=/

9) i have 5 brothers and 4 sisters, but only one of my brothers and i share both parents…

10) Every really visible scar on my body…all came from the same sister!

im not going to tag anyone…cuz that was hard enough for me!!