10 Best Bands You’ve Never Heard Of

Since main stream radio in Indiana sucks and never plays anything new and unique I have taken the liberty to show off some of the awesome music you may have never heard of.

10 Kingston Falls (Goshen, IN)
Info: Awesome Hardcore Band With Heavy Guitars
Kingston Falls Myspace

9 Eyes Set To Kill (Tempe, AZ)
Info: Girls Can Rock Too! Hardcore/Screamo Band with girl singer
Eyes Set To Kill Myspace

8 Bet On Black (Washington D.C.)
Info: Screamo Band, with amazing haromonic choruses
Bet On Black Myspace

7 Amarna Reign (Indpls, IN)
Info: Fast Growing Local Hardcore Band With Tons of Potential
Amarna Reign Myspace

6 Jack’s Mannequin (L.A., CA)
Info: Piano Rock/Emo Band led by former Something Corporate front man
Jack’s Mannequin Myspace

5 The Ache (Boca Raton, FL)
Info: Techno/Power Pop Artist with catchy lyrics about being scene
The Ache Myspace

4 hellogoobye (Long Beach, CA)
Info: Their live shows are always parties often including large inflatable rafts used for crowd surfing and a cover of “What is Love?” from Night at the Roxberry.
hellogoobye Myspace

3 Haste the Day (Indpls, IN)
Info: Local Hardcore/Metal Band with tons of followers within Indiana and abroad. Probably the best Hardcore/Metal band out there.
Haste the Day Myspace

2 Hollywood Undead (Hollywood, CA)
Info: Scene Kids+Beastie Boys+ Eminem = Hollywood Undead, which is actually a lie, because they are better than those three put together. Often raunchy, but always catchy. A gritty/hardcore Linkin Park.
Hollywood Undead Myspace

1 The Medic Droid (Phoenix, AZ)
Info: Just freaking amazing, period. Best unknown band in America. They play a techno/Power Pop style of music that can make people dance. You don’t know them now, but by the end of 2008, you will be seeing their name everywhere.
The Medic Droid Myspace